Finally, after months and months of silence and absolute retirement, Dellafuente has returned. After “Milagro”, yesterday he released “Dime Si Con Eso Vale”, an indubitable proof that he is ready to share his music again.

One of the great geniuses of urban music in our country is back. For many, there are few artists in the world like Dellafuente. A true professional, complete from head to toe, with a unique style that is embedded in his music. The Dellafuente DNA that so many followers have achieved over the years. A huge fan base who longed for his return like few things, and who finally sees a light at the end of the long-awaited tunnel.

On November 1, the alarms went off, and Dellafuente announced a new release. “Silence” was titled, and how could it be otherwise, the return after so many months had to be in the purest Della style. Ten minutes of “song”, which is more like a spiritual retreat. Between whispers of guitars and percussions, a female voice accompanies us on a path of relaxation and pause. Dellafuente was coming back, but in his own way. And with this move, he perfectly placed the atmosphere and style of his next album: his usual music.

If someone expected a commercial and massive launch, they would have been wrong from the first moment. Anyone who knows and understands the music of this artist knows that the native of Granada is completely moving away from this entire industrial sphere. You neither need it nor want it, much less inspires you. The Dellafuente brand is back, after months of silence, but to continue being the artist who has already been and has triumphed, neither more nor less.

The criticism came with “Silence”, it is evident. But we are sure that Dellafuente does not want among its ranks a sector of the public that is not capable of understanding a product from a general perspective. And even more so when precisely, his music completely departs from that denomination.

After that, on November 4, “Miracle” arrived . Here if Della told us a new story. On the cover, one of the arches that are so abundant in his hometown, Granada. The references to Andalusian culture in the musical field are practically a fixture in the artist’s music. Flamenco, bulería, folklore… A boiling of musical currents that has as a final result its denomination of origin.

In “Milagro” curiously one of the main protagonists is the violin that stars in the work that this time gives the City of Granada Orchestra, as it appears in the credits. That wonderful set of instruments and Dellafuente’s voice from the background, warm as well as silent, sign a wonderful final result.

Just yesterday we received with joy the second musical advance. “Tell Me If With That Vale” is an absolutely wonderful piece. In the production of new ones we have Dellafuente and Antonio Narváez, although this time the appearance of producer Choclock is surprising. We did not expect it in a work of this type, and the truth is that the final result is worthy of admiration.

Away from any type of urban rhythm and sound, “Dime Si Con Eso Vale” is developed, which continues to show us the most sentimental and profound artist. An ode to his mother, which ends up making sense with a video clip that could simply be awarded as one of the best audiovisual shorts of the year.

An absolute contrast between money and appearances, compared to the tradition and the packaging of an elderly lady who cares for herself and loves herself as she deserves. The great-grandson picks up the grandmother at the door of the village church with his lamborghini. After taking a walk around the area, they enjoy a sandwich in a beach cooler leaning on their own Lamborghini. Contrasts, respect and a lot, a lot of magic in the look of the main protagonist.

What is clear is that Dellafuente has returned, and that he follows the same line as always is incredible great news. An artist faithful to his land, his essence and his talent, which still has much more to share with us. Ready for the album? We can’t wait any longer!