We tell you what we lived in the double show of two rough diamonds of the urban and electronic industry.

On day 5 November could assist in the room Independance Madrid to a double concert of two artists that have little to do with style, but if you agree to be two emerging artists within the electronic and urban community. Thus, the Swedish Namasenda, who recently premiered her mixtape “Unlimmited Ammo” and the Spanish Kenya Racaile, who also presented her “Nemesis” earlier in 2021, presented their recent repertoires live at this event organized by the promoter Cero En Conducta.

To start heating up the night we had a short show with us by Kenya Racaile. The Valencian artist is becoming more and more hollow in the urban scene of our country; This year he has also collaborated with artists such as Cecilio G. and Blackthoven, in addition to his famous collaboration “Rivotril” with Luna Ki. His show, modest but with the support of those present, had a bit of everything from his repertoire.

The reggaeton is one of its great strengths and they showed with songs like “Tu Me Llamas Mami”, very commercial and catchy, or “Baby how are you”, from their album. But without a doubt rap is also his thing, so we enjoy a good helping of songs like “Bonustrack”, from Cecilio’s album, or “Artico”. The performance did not have much beyond her, a microphone and someone to do the backing vocals, but I’m sure that in not long we will see her doing much bigger things.

With a progressively growing audience, the rising star of the PC Music label Namasenda then presented a repertoire focused on energy at the Independance, choosing some of the most powerful productions of his new as well as some of his previous songs that have had the most success ( although for some reason the Swede decided to omit “Wanted”, her most energetic track and with the most reproductions on Spotify).

Thus, “classics” such as “Dare” or “Donuts” gained presence with the strength of the bass in the room, the flashes of the spotlights and a synergistic and contagious fervor of the public as they alternated with new jewels such as “Shots”, ” Steel ”and an addictive“ Banana Clip ” that she wanted to duplicate to make an encore in which the Swedish singer came down to dance and jump with her audience.

On the other hand, it should be noted that perhaps the production of her show had such a great and good presence that sometimes it ate the singer herself, who came to lean on the playback from time to time and whose voice could have much more presence throughout its repertoire.

What is clear is that, that night, we were lucky enough to be able to attend the shows of some artists who are rough diamonds in the music industry. As soon as their means and experience work in their favor, there is no doubt that they will be some of the biggest representatives in their respective markets.