21 century brought us into a world where everyone, including the underaged, has access to one or even more smartphones. With the trends on social media, no one wants to keep dull moments again – they instead love sharing captivating moments of themselves with a smiling selfie. This Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 reviews take us through the 21-century social lifestyles we all have been craving.

Please sit down, be focused on your phone screen while we bring you our thoughts about the Snapshot Shelfy Stand 360. Suppose you never loved taking selfies before now; after this review, you won’t have a rest until you share your stories on your social accounts with the phrase, “how I became a fascinated selfie lover just because I tried my first selfie with snapshot shelfystand.”

What is the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360?

Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 (or the Snapshot shelfystand 360 AI camera mount) is a portable intelligent camera mount (Tripod) used by photo lovers to take amazing 360-degree selfie shoots with their smartphone cameras. Snapshot Shelfystand is a compact device with an anti-shake technology that ensures your smartphone remains stable and crystal-clear while capturing and recording those incredible moments of yours.

With the Snapshot Shelfy stand, you can automatically track, take crazy photos and record that group display on a selfie without leaving anyone out of the memory or paying an outrageous fee just to hire a photographer. This shelfy stand is your go-to device for all your professional selfie shoots in grand styles.

15 Features of Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 review
From the smart-desk of our staff (our editorial teams), let us unbox some of the crazy features that the Snapshot company boast about the artificial intelligence-powered Snapshot shelfystand 360 devices:

Innovative Shooting Technology: One of the advantages of using a tripod is to capture moments without carrying your camera by hand. Unfortunately, this is an old practice. Now, photo lovers demand more. You would love the artificial intelligence technology that is built into the Shelfystand 360. With AI, Snapshot 360 can quickly capture groundbreaking moments at best angles with just gesture application – no more stretching out your arms to tap the capture button.

Automatic Motion Tracking: Snapshot shelfystand 360 once put to action, tracks every focused object or individual that is being recorded accurately and captures every movement with the speed of light.
Access to an intelligent Mobile App: The company developed an intuitive mobile app for controlling the Snapshot ShelfyStand 360 device at your ease. They called the app “Apai Genie,” and it’s available for free download on both Playstore for Android users and Apple stores for iOS users.

Bluetooth connectivity: The Snapshot 360 has an inbuilt remote-control functionality. It is through this connectivity model that you can synchronize your smartphone with the Snapshot shelfystand 360 device and control all the device functionality in its mobile App, “the Apai Genie.”

Smart capturing techniques: This feature is one of the smart shooting technologies that this device comes with. You can easily set some smart techniques such as “clap the hand,” “speak a word,” “spread your arms,” or any other method you feel comfortable with. When you perform any of these actions while in front of the AI camera mount, it automatically captures you on the go. This is also a perfect feature for group photos or videos without inviting a paid photographer.

Portable, Lightweight, Sleek with an intuitive design: The beautiful, sleek, and intuitive design of the Snapshot shelfystand 360 makes it a popular pick among other camera mount brands. It has a flexible and collapsible joint which allows you to package it nicely while not in use. This portable feature will enable users to carry the device along to travel to any location without feeling inconvenienced.

Multi-live streaming ability: With the aid of the mobile App, you can seamlessly connect your smartphone on the camera mount and synchronize with all your social media platforms and streaming websites to serve all your users from each platform through a single channel. Only with the snapshot shelfystand 360 that multi-live streaming ability was made possible.

Sleek body and face tracking: Imagine having multiple objects facing the camera in an open scene. How would you capture yourself without the aid of the sleek body and face tracking feature made available through AI with this device? Regardless of how much you’re moving around, once you’ve set the snapshot camera mount to focus on any part of your body, let’s say your face or another part of your body, the device combines its built-in power of Artificial Intelligence to keep you at the front and center of the camera frame till you are done with your photoshoot or video recording.

360-degree Rotation (Auto-Turning Phone Stand): The SnapShot Shelfystand 360 has a built-in motor that allows it to rotate powerfully 360 degrees when you turn on this feature. It can turn to any direction to and fro to record professionally astonishing videos. This feature will help users to perform a live presentation in a closed space. It will also allow social media fanatics to record quality live events and stream on their timelines.

Up to 370-degree adjustable Tilting angles: The angle view of the captured objects can be tilted to ensure every corner is captured and nothing is left on the scene of the event.

Built-in tripod mounts for cameras: Unlike most other smartphone tripods, the snapshot 360 comes with a very strong built-in tripod stand of ¼ inch. This built-in tripod enables the device to maintain a firm stand while taking pictures or recording videos from miles away. It also aids the 360-degree and 370-degree movement when the camera mount is respectively rotating and tilting.

Unique Beauty Filters: Having a device that would add special filters to your unforgettable moments can’t be less emphasized. With the SnapShot Shelfystand 360’s App, “Apai Genie,” you can simply activate filters, make-up effects, and other integrated special effects to spice your moments to your test.

Supports External Tripod Stand: The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 allows you to attach a long tripod stand to the bottom of the device to enable you to take even more fascinating professional photography and video shoots from an extended distance.

Orientation switch: You can easily switch the orientation of your camera mount from portrait mode to landscape (or horizontal) mode and vice versa.

Longer battery life (Power Saving Mode): When quality performance limited consider 3 AAA batteries to be used in powering the Snapshot360 Shelfystand, they considered battery lifespan for extended use. With 3 AAA batteries in place with a power-saving mode functionality, you should be able to rock your device for up to 48 hours before recharging.

Why you should buy Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Camera Mount (Snapshot Shelfy stand 360 reviews)

For so many reasons unknown to us, you may want to buy the Snapshot 360 Shelfystand. But for the purpose of this review, we shall outline eleven (11) special reasons why you need to buy one of these devices, maybe for yourself or a loved one as a gift.

You should consider buying Snapshot shelfystand 360 if:

You love taking HDr quality photographs or video recordings even in more prolonged exposure.

You like taking pictures with amazing filters to spice your creativity.

You love taking group photos.

You are an adventurer who loves exploring places solo.

You want to save costs for hiring a photographer.

You want to overcome hand shakiness while capturing selfie moments.

You are a social influencer or would love to be one someday.

You love trending gadgets with fascinating functions.

You love landscape photography and video shooting for yourself and group display.

You have a friend who you would love to surprise with a beautiful gift this season.

You always take indoor pictures where you wouldn’t like to share your privacy with an external photographer.

How much is the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 cost (Price)?

The Snapshot Shelfystand 360 is sold for $39.99 per one piece. And $79.99 for a double piece of the Snapshot 360 machine.

If you are buying the camera mount as a reseller, do well to order small quantities first (maybe, 2 or 3 pieces), and when you feel satisfied with your purchase after you have unboxed the snapshot360 package delivered to you; then you can freely contact the company for a reseller discount so you could buy in massive bulk.

Significant Specification of Snapshot ShelfyStand 360

This Snapshot Shelfystand 360 reviews some of these groundbreaking specifications of the device:
Rotation: infinite 360-degree (Left and right)
Angle flip: 370-degrees (Up and down)
Device weight: about 220g
Speed: about 42”/seconds
Battery Capacity: 3 AAA battery
Battery Endurance rate: Up to 48 hours (2days in use)
Charging Port: Type-C port
Base size: 10cm/3.93inches
Voltage (Power): 5V 1A
Produced Quantity: Batch production in stock for a limited time.

The benefit of using the Snapshot ShelfStand 360 over other Camera Mounts

There is no doubt that there may be many other alternative camera mounts on different online stores (like Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many others sales different kinds of tripods). Still, there are beneficial reasons why retail consumers will always choose the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 over any other kind of camera mount. Let us review and highlight some of these beneficial reasons below:

The Snapshot shelfystand 360 comes with smart shooting functionalities powered with artificial intelligence. The smart shooting features include face tracking, object tracking, and amazing beautiful filters to help sharpen your shooting skills.

It has a built-in 360-degree infinite horizontal rotation, and Up to 370-degree adjustable Tilting angles for best frame captures.

The device comes in with a seamless Orientation switch ability that enables you to switch between landscape and portrait modes.

What is the joy of using a device that can’t last you for a few hours of moment capturing? It’s a total waste of money if you go for such a device. But with the use of snapshot360, be rest assured that longer battery life is covered for every event you partake with active power-saving mode.

You can use this device to shoot quality Vlog videos for Vimeo, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Likee, Twitter, and a host of other streaming websites.

It is compact, easy to carry about in a mini purse, and effortless to use during operation.

100 percent satisfactory experience to retail consumers, lowest price, and a money-back guarantee from the Snapshot 360 company made this product stand out even higher above its class.

The lists of snapshot360 benefits may be endless, but I should save you the time to test it out and highlight the rest based on your personified experience.

Extra Drop for you (Tips on How to take awesome selfies)

To capture unforgettable moments with a selfie, you should:
Know your good sides and angles and turn to them.
Select an excellent background unless you want to use an editing app to change it after the shot.

Always find the light and let it shine through your face to give an even brighter look.

Tilt your camera to the side you love to capture and look deeper into the camera.

You can also push your face forward to style with a long-looking neck. This will help you get rid of your double chin if you have one that may not look nice on camera after a shoot.

While you take that shot, wear up a smiling face – attempt to give a genuine smile from the heart.
Add a little filter to your photo, or you can use any editing app to do some soft touch on the picture before sharing online.

Always have a snapshot shelfystand 360 handy anywhere casual you go to capture amazing moments.

How to setup and Use Snapshot Shelfystand 360
You can set up your Snapshot shelfystand 360 for use in FIVE (5) easy steps:


Insert your 3 AAA batteries into the Snapshot Shelfystand 360. These batteries don’t come with the product; you will have to buy them.


Go to your Appstore and download the free Snapshot Shelfystand 360 mobile app (called “Apai Genie.”) Just type the name on your Appstore, and it will come up immediately.


Turn on your mobile Bluetooth and pair it with your phone turning on the Apai Genie app.


Attach your smartphone to the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 phone camera mount. And tilt it to your desired angle.


Turn on the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 from the button on the body, launch its free App on your phone, and now, you’re ready to selfie to the moon!
Start changing styles and capturing significant moments. Do not forget to put a cheering face all through.

Snapshot Shelfystand 360 Consumer reports (Customer Reviews)

While we carried out intensive research before putting down this Snapshot Shelfystand 360 review, we also considered customer reviews and consumer reports. Here is some of the founding we got from the official store and other retail stores online:

Sabrina B from purchased from Atlanta, she said “My friend swore by her SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360, so she picked one up for me, and I don’t own a lot of techy things, but I enjoy my SNAPSHOT Shelfystand 360. I can set it to take pictures of me automatically, and I like how if I’m out walking around town and run out of battery for it, I can just pick up some AAAs, and I’m ready for more pictures! Very convenient.”

Also, Anna H. from San Diego, Canada, purchased and here is her feedback, “Was really easy to set up and use out of the box, which is nice. I wouldn’t say I like putting together gadgets and stuff. It works really well. It follows me around, and I can take great pics. It hasn’t let me down yet, and my selfie game is next level now!”

And many other customer reviews from retail stores online.

The Takeaway

Using a Snapshot 360 shelfystand alone is not enough; you will have to do a lot of smiling, ensure there’s a bit of lightening on the arena of the event, select an appropriate filter and a nice background to have an all-good selfie result.

Having gone through the features of the Snapshot Shelfystand 360, there is no doubt you will love it. The price is very affordable, and the company offered you a 30days money-back guarantee. You are beautiful inside-out, so you need to show the world those beautiful parts of your being with a smiling photo all over your social timeline. So, even if you are the camera-shy type, this is an opportunity for you to own a camera mount tripod that may help you wear off that shyness from your face.

FAQs on the Snapshot Shelfystand 360 review

Is Snapshot Shelfystand 360 a scam?

No, the snapshot shelfystand 360 is not a scam. It is a legit product from a verifiable company, Quality Performance Limited. This company has launched so many health and tech products with proven results and testimonies.

Can I buy Snapshot Shelfystand on Amazon?

On Amazon, some retailers advertise the old Snapshot Shelfystand Delta Phone stand for the same amount the manufacturing company sells the now trending Snapshot shelfystand 360 with a more advanced artificial intelligence.

We recommend you buy the gadget from the company’s store with the link below and go for the latest version.

Which country have the highest demands for the snapshot shelfystand 360?

According to statistics, the Snapshot shelfystand 360 is trending more in countries like the United states, United Kingdom, Canada, South Africa, Australia, and a host of other countries. The United state remains the highest buyer amongst all.