The doors of El Coliseo reopen to receive one of the most surprising and long-awaited collaborations in recent weeks. Ready for our “La Fame” opinions?

As many of you will know, at El Coliseo part of our writing team takes an individual and subjective position on a specific release, which has generated quite a stir due to its importance. On this occasion, three editors and an external collaborator will position themselves with respect to “La Fama”. Here we leave you the subject in question!

Joaquin Puerro

“FAME” comes at an ideal time when the bachata and salsa are suffering revives l commercial, relieving an overloaded market trap and reggaeton. It is therefore not strange that she believes that this cut, ROSALÍA’s official return, has a goal 100% destined to sell and, for her, more to enjoy than to stamp an artistic concept as she does in her studio albums.

Collaborating with The Weeknd and having the endless list of composers and the most cutting-edge producers on the scene, the Spaniard will stomp in a few months that will help her put her name everywhere and pave the way for “MOTOMAMI”, his forthcoming album in which he would bet there will be no room for cuts like “LA FAMA”. Separating the song from its singer I consider it a good enjoyable song, but joining it to everything I appreciate musically from ROSALÍA I would have expected much more even from a song with a commercial objective.

Jose Juan Galván

Rosalía’s latest short film does not disappoint. Although The Weeknd seems to play Romeo Santos more than himself as an artist, the union is magical. After “Ateo” by C. Tangana and Nathy Peluso, comes this “La Fama”.

Bachata is in the busy hours, and it seems that this new trend will last for several months. What is clear is that what we least expected from a collaboration between these two superstars is a cut of this caliber.

A great opportunity to get rid of the bad taste in our mouths caused by the terrible remix of “Blinding Lights”. I expect a lot from Rosalía’s new album, although we still don’t know if she will include this hit in it. 2022 and Rosalía promise a lot. In general, “La Fama” leaves me feeling good, although I have the feeling thatThey could have given better.

Gonzalo Jimenez

With her new album in sight, ROSALÍA continues to move her talent from one genre to another. This is the turn of the bachata, where we had not seen her yet, least of all her companion, The Weeknd. The first thing that stands out in my ears is the production, which the protagonists themselves have been in charge of together with many more people, including El Guincho, Tainy or Sky. The sample used for the melody is the first thing that keeps me listening.

On the vocal, we already know that ROSALÍA sings marvelously; the surprise has come from The Weeknd, who sings from beginning to end in Spanish. His performance is quite good for me, although of course his great voice does not stand out as much as when he sings in English; even so, the challenge was there and it has been overcome with flying colors.

Regarding the theme and lyrics, the bad part of fame is something recurrent in many songs, but they treat it in this song with intelligent lyrics, which personify fame as a lover. Maybe I was expecting a little more explosiveness, but it’s certainly a much better second chapter for your collaboration book than the remix of “Blinding Lights”.

Anna Perez

Fame is a bachata created like a pop song; with eight producers and nine composers. Obviously that does not take away any merit from the song, (in addition the two singers have been present both in the authorship and in the production), but it is a confirmation of how the Catalan’s career is consolidated with the creation formulas of artists of stature worldwide.

Faced with a theme as exploited as the negative side of success, Rosalía and The Weeknd make the most of it in a collaboration that sounds good, but could sound better.

The melody is catchy, her vocals are impeccable, he defends himself in Spanish and their voices marry well. But I can’t help but think that if an exponent of bachata like Romeo Santos had participated Instead of a pop artist like The Weeknd, another rooster would crow.

Total Score

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