The mythical saga turns 10 years old and nothing more and nothing less than 50 episodes. Foyone and Sceno have been in charge of uniting half the national scene to create a historical theme of more than 8 minutes.

As if it were Don Quixote and Sancho Panza, Foyone and Sceno are an almost magical union. Artist and producer have been working together for a lifetime, both in the same boat and with the aim of bringing DNC and Malaga to the whole world. The reality is that they have achieved it, behind them there is a historical trajectory worthy of being honored.

Proof of this is that nothing more and nothing less than fifty episodes of Rap Sin Corte have arrived, a peculiar musical category that they themselves created. A single take and a base are all Sceno and Foyone need to create hymns around it. That is why his 50th installment must have been more special than ever. But… Was someone really expecting a result of these characteristics? The #RSC L is absolutely unheard of!

Eighteen voices are part of this unprecedented show. We have spent a lifetime asking for the urban scene in our country to really come together, and we have the feeling that thanks to Sceno and Foyone this has been possible. Beyond the small groups that we regularly see collaborate, we have never before seen a union of such caliber. That is why, with this Rap Sin Corte L, both have made history.

It would be unfair to highlight any part in particular, since all artists use their eight lines to perfection. In order of appearance, we have Kase. O, Elio Toffana, Ptazeta, Ayax, Spok, Skull, Bejo, Easy-S, Moneo, Fernando Costa, Laura Bonsai, Dollar Selmouni, Prok, Sofía Gabanna, Toteking, Felinna Vallejo, Recycled J and of course, Foyone himself, which opens and closes the function.

A theater houses this unprecedented show and up to four changes in the beat , which adapts perfectly to the different musical aspects that this great cast of artists contribute. It is magical to see how artists of the new generation such as the Ninyas del Corro, Sofía Gabanna or Ptazeta share the stage with authentic legends such as Kase O and Toteking.

After all, that’s exactly what Foyone and Sceno represent. Two geniuses both musically and personally, close and human above all, although they claim to be reptilians… Spanish rap has insurance for the future thanks to personalities like this. It is impossible not to be grateful to these two people from Malaga, who have spent a lifetime dedicated to urban music, bringing us gifts like this one.

On the occasion of the launch they have published “RAPSINCORTE, ÉL ÁLBUM” on Spotify. A compilation with all fifty episodes in high quality. Without a doubt, a great opportunity for Foyone fans, who have all the episodes of this magical installment within the reach of a single click.

So far this special review. For our part, we can only thank both Foyone and Sceno for the great treatment they have always had with all of us. Releases like this Rap Sin Corte L unite the national urban scene, and that will always be good news. Eight and a half minutes of pure enjoyment that will surely accompany you for the next few months. Enjoy this legendary caveman delivery!