Toteking’s long-awaited latest album is out now. Eighteen cuts that confirm the impeccable state of form that the Sevillian presents at 42 years of age. These are our “The King Tape” feelings.

The wait has not been really complicated, and it is that up to ten cuts came out progressively during these last months. Small capsules of the album that Toteking was offering to his fans, building the perfect path to finally present “The King Tape” in full.

In this extensive and valuable work you will not find anything other than high quality Spanish rap. By now Tote is very clear about his role in music and where he wants to take his career. His impeccable career supports him, and for the moment, you will not find – even remotely – hints of commercial breaks in his music.

It is amazing to see how an artist who has been dedicated to music for more than twenty years remains in an enviable shape. The originality and freshness that characterizes it so much is still present, like the first day. It seems that the Sevillian is eager to continue throwing bars to the world, and we greatly appreciate it. As he himself says in one of the TKT songs, listening to rap and not listening to Toteking is like building a house from the roof. And honestly, those are factors.

Legends of the old school like SFDK, Kase O or Sho-Hai who today maintain their career in style, with no intention of stopping. The urban scene present today in our country is undoubtedly so great thanks to protagonists like them. And that is something that all music lovers will be forever grateful for.

Going into the matter with the album, Toteking wanted to have a wide variety of artists to collaborate on “The King Tape.” Easy-S, Foyone, Cruz Cafuné, Ergo Pro, lll Pekeño, Sule B, Kaze, Hoke, Al2 El Aldeano, Jeke Mamoneos, Neutro Shorty and Aerstame are in charge of contributing their grain of sand to this extensive work.

In the production area we have Stash House Beats -in various tracks-, El Secreto Produce, Govea La firma, Sceno, Titó, Baghira, Dj Figu, Clio en Llamas, Cameone and Acción Sanchez. It has caught our attention that several songs have not complemented the section on musical production.

Ignoring this anecdotal data, what is clear is that Tote has wanted to bet on a wide cast of producers. This has resulted in their album radiating variety and versatility in each production, since each one of them has wanted to bring out their sound.

In the album you can find the music of Toteking in different aspects. Eighteen songs go a long way, and fortunately we have been able to enjoy the different records present in the Sevillian’s career.

Lovers of the toughest and most sugary T ote have real gems like “Bumaye”, “Carne Pica” with his impeccable electric guitar, “Matando la Liga”, “Tical 2021”, “Dos Días” with Kaze or “Untocable”, the latter one of the great jewels of the entire album. It is not a question of detracting from the aforementioned, but in this track we enjoy a song that from the second one transmits an overwhelming claw and energy.

In the same way, we have the possibility of enjoying the Toteking sound from another perspective, more leisurely and vocal. Then wonders such as “Toast” by Easy-S, the collaboration Sule B entitled “One Hundred Flexiones”, “Buildings” with Al2 El Aldeano, “Oversize” with Hoke or the now mythical “Sota, Caballo y yo ”, one of the songs with the most reproductions in recent months.

Finally there are several cuts that we must mention separately for their meaning in the work. We know that Tote is a staunch supporter of basketball and the NBA, so finding a tribute to the figure of Kobe Bryant is certainly something to highlight.

“KB-24” is the name that receives his particular thanks to the basketball genius, who sadly died with his daughter in a helicopter accident.

Another hit to stand out individually is “No Hay Manera”. Luckily it has been published for several months now, months in which we have not been able to stop enjoying it.

A macro collaboration between Toteking, Foyone, Sho-Hai and Aerstame. Since we heard this song for the first time, we were clear that we had a success before us, and indeed, it was. An original song, with an instrumental full of details between guitars and wind instruments, with a rhythm and rhythm worthy of admiration. Outstanding.

We couldn’t miss one of the most amazing collaborations on this album. Toteking joined forces with Cruz Cafuné and Neutro Shorty. We did not imagine a musical horizon in which Cruzzi and Tote would be together, and the reality is that the end result is wonderful. We did not know the figure of Neutro Shorty prior to this album, but when ceasing what is from cesar.

With a brutal entrance, it is among the best collaborations of “The King Tape”. We will closely follow the trajectory of this artist, it was clear that Tote was going to choose each of his companions with care and dedication.

The song that reigns in terms of theme is “IDEA”. Little more than three minutes in which Tote tells us his peculiar story. Nothing more and nothing less than the creative process that you usually follow at home when creating a new theme, developing that idea that remains in your mind. How he lives it with his partner, what he feels in those moments… Gharuda’s instrumental is a genius, but the meaning of this song goes further. All yours!

This is where our review of “The King Tape” ends. His last magnum opus, absolutely outstanding. We are looking forward to enjoying this set of songs in a live show, because we assure you that that moment will be absolute madness. The wait has been worth it and these eighteen tracks perfectly condense what the music of Toteking represents. Pure Spanish rap, without labels or conventions. The king keeps his crown.

We can only assure you that during the next weeks and months the different tracks that make up “The King Tape” will accompany you during your routine. Enjoy the album!