The prestigious label of Headhunterz and Wildstylez has ended 2021 with six spectacular songs divided into three chapters. Are you ready?
If you’ve been actively with us at Loud Cave this year, you may have noticed that in our weekly Selections there have been a ton of Art Of Creation tracks.

The incorporation of Sephyx and Aftershock in the label completely revolutionized its essence and provided a totally successful touch of fresh air.

It was incredible… If we wrote a Sephyx track in the Loud Cave Selection, the following week Noisecontrollers would arrive with another masterpiece, the next Wildstylez with a great song and the next Aftershock doing their thing. So continuously!

To give you an idea of ​​what we are saying, we highly recommend listening to these songs:
Aftershock – Stand As Kings (feat. Last Word)
Bass Modulators – Bass Ex Machina
Sephyx – The Game – (Arcānum) [feat. Diandra Faye]
Wildstylez & Hard Driver – Edge Of Darkness
Aftershock – Inner Universe

As if that weren’t enough with this huge amount of singles , the AOC team has been crowned by releasing “The Art Of Remixes EP 2021” to finish 2021 as it should be. Notebook, pen and headphones, people. Go for it!


We start with the young Sephyx’s remix of the classic “The Space We Created” , by Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers. If this track (which came out more than eleven years ago) is already part of the hearts of hard music lovers, the new version of Sephyx has made us feel again something that we had not felt for a long time. Those happy and long melodies that teleport us to a super euphoric drop… The final part of rawphoric gave us goosebumps, but everything as a whole is perfectly related. We highlight the serious vowelsclassics of the genre, which have surprised us quite well.

We continue with the remix that Aftershock has done to “Froz3n”, by the Sound Rush brothers. More than 6 years ago, these twins laid the foundations for a style of their own that has taken them to where they are now, in part thanks to cuts like “Froz3n”. It was difficult to improve on this track, but the unmasked Aftershock has succeeded. Between angelic female vocals, fast melodies in the purest trance style and heart-stopping drops, this remix is one of our favorites from the EP. Well, why lie, it’s one of our favorite remixes of the year.


In this second part we have a remix of Bass Modulators to “Colors Of The Night” from Wildstylez & Michael Jo. This duo has proven once again that they are one of the most incredible groups on the scene when it comes to melodies and futuristic settings . Both the voices and the hardstyle elements feature robotic effects; It is one of the cuts most sound of all the EP. Are we facing the arrival of a new subgenre? Most AOC releases this year tell us yes, so maybe it’s time to start recognizing thefuture hardstyle.

We’re also going to hear a Sound Rush remix to “Gimme Love” by the legend Noisecontrollers . It is difficult to explain in words everything that this song has transmitted to us… In addition to presenting a melodic hard with dry kicks in the style of Sound Rush (which we are used to), the end of the song gives us an incredible dose of originality. We appreciate a break of DnB Which brings us to one last drop of rawphoric, but not just any rawphoic, but one that just rampantly a part of Brostep. Isn’t it wonderful? The only downside we found is that perhaps more elements are needed to remind us of the original track.


Almost to the end comes Headhunterz, with his remix of “Take It All” from Sound Rush. The king of hard has released very few songs this year; this is the second. Is this remix worth it? Definitely yes. The atmosphere that surrounds “Take It All”, partly because of the female gospell vocals, is truly incredible. Synthesizers old, leads melodic, claps animated… Makes you want to get to dance ! As if that weren’t enough, we have a fairly powerful XTRA RAWat the end, ideal for punching the air.

We finished with the remix of Noisecontrollers to “Radiance” by Bass Modulators . Of the six songs that make up the EP, this is undoubtedly the one with the most old school elements. The ancient vibes run through all our veins when we listen to it, thus teleporting us to the Defqon.1 of a few years ago. Despite the fact that in Loud Cave we are fans of the most mainstream sound, we must admit that this new version of “Radiance” has been quite cool for us .

After having listened to this EP in its entirety several times, we can say without any doubt that it is one of the best hardstyle works of the whole year. In addition to the quality of the artists’ production, we have loved to revive classic pieces seasoned with sounds of the most mainstream hard. The idea of making an EP of remixes is very good, hopefully not be the last time they do.

And you, what do you think of this EP ? Contact us through social networks and tell us your opinion. We will be reading you!

For our part, nothing but ShortGististers, we hope you have enjoyed this post. Until next time, family!