One of the most famous electronic festivals will soon take place in the city of Barcelona.

On November 26 and 27, Barcelona will celebrate in the Apolo room (Nitsa) the return of the Boiler Room parties in our country, those in which the famous promoter collaborates with groups or promoters from each country to organize a night with a poster of scandal.

In the case of next weekend, Spanish groups such as MARICAS or Chica Gang manage to get the sold out sign up for quite some time for this event, so the expectations are high and the desire to dance even more. .

Great national artists like Chico Blanco, La Zowi or Mainline Magic Orchestra will be shining on the weekend. However, in this article we will tell you about 5 other artists who may sound less familiar to you and are more difficult to see in our country so that you do not miss the opportunity to do so if you wish:


Another of the great shows that we can enjoy next weekend is that of the singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist from Chicago KeiyaA. Their debut “Forever, Ya Girl” has been one of the highlights of 2020, infusing what looks like classic R&B with subtle production details but remarkable enough to present a new take on this style in a brilliant and personal way.

Dorian Electra

Probably the artist who has best known how to manipulate the current of hyperpop to develop his own groundbreaking and innovative style that has been highly praised by critics. And having already released two great albums such as “Flamboyant” and the recently expanded “My Agenda”, Dorian Electra will present a DJ set that the only thing to hope for is everything that can be enjoyed.

Octo Octa

It’s always a good time to dance to the beat of one of the fittest club DJs in the industry according to critics. Octo Octa knows how to put on a good party to the rhythm of the best techno and house, knowing how to read the energies of the public to adapt them in favor of the moment and that the atmosphere does not decay at any time.


The way Denmark is going to make you pound is not what you expect, but it is what you want. The DJ and producer is a true architect in fusing slow Latin rhythms with suggestive electronics with which to let your hips go. Reggaeton or cumbia acquires a surprising and innovative meaning when manipulated by mixing consoles in Denmark, so you can’t miss it.

Isabella Lovestory

Comparing Isabella Lovestory to someone like La Goony Chonga or Bea Pelea would be getting close but falling short. Powerful reggaeton is just one of the tricks that the singer and producer can offer, who interpolates in her tracks a multitude of synthesizers or melodies with which they take Latin dance to a more fascinating, electronic and experimental place governed by its versatility and cunning.